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Vinyasa Flow, Weight Training, Core Strength & Stretching

Yoga at the Studio

Practicing at the studio is a unique experience; community is important and the atmosphere is welcoming, inclusive and friendly. Classes are small, fun and catering for all bodies and abilities. They are held in a spacious lounge overlooking a lush garden and during the warmer months, you will feel like practicing in a green paradise. Underfloor heating, gentle music and carefully selected scents create a deeply peaceful and warm space that leaves you feeling relaxed, nurtured and energised, even in the coldest months. 

Apart from traditional Vinyasa Flow, I teach classes that keep you physically fit (weights & HIIT), strengthen your muscles, increase your mobility & flexibility and classes that help you to unwind.

Open Garden, Raffle & Secondhand Clothes Sale

Open Wildlife & Kitchen Garden on Sunday 21st May

Come for cake and tea, have a wander around, perhaps getting some ideas for a wild corner in your own garden? FREE tickets HERE.

Secondhand Clothing Sale at the Open Garden Day

Some pretty cool pre-owned clothes and shoes, some designer and high end plus some real bargains and unique pieces.

Wellbeing and Nature Raffle

Supported by many local heroes, we bring you the best prizes: skin treatments, yoga & pilates classes, Persian cooking, massage & osteopathy vouchers, luxury beauty products and many more ... details and how to get your tickets HERE

Zoom Classes & Video Library

ZOOM is a convenient and cheap way to stay fit and healthy. During class, I connect with you as much as possible to give you the best experience.
Can't make the live zoom classes? I am recording them and you can train at your convenience.  They are not edited and include all the bloopers and unforseen interruptions. If you expect a pristine and perfect video, do not watch.