What people say about Yoga in Highgate


Zoom & Studio

"Claudia's classes are just brilliant, both in the studio and over zoom. She has created a wonderful community of like-minded people. An excellent variety of classes, from super tough to gentle stretches and always with great humour."



"Claudia's classes give you confidence, she knows what your body can do. One 45min class is a total workout. I breathe better and my posture has improved. I feel stronger physically and mentally. Classes leave me feeling calm in mind and strong in body."


Studio classes

"Claudia has such a great variety of classes, I never get bored."



"After a few weeks of yoga, the pain in my shins I got during running has gone!"


Zoom, studio & private classes

"My problem with exercise is motivation, and Claudia's classes fix that for me! Always cheerful, encouraging and professional, and the classes are both challenging and fun. Don't be put off if, like me, you are older - she has a way of helping us all to make steady progress, and offers classes for all levels of fitness."

Lucy C.


"Claudia is a fantastic teacher and a genuinly lovely person - unless you wear shoes in the ashram, then she might kill you. I have struggled with health and sometimes miss classes but she welcomes me back with open arms whenever I return. Her technical knowledge is outstanding and the studio is beautiful with a magical garden and waterfall sounds. It's a haven in North London"



"This is brilliant yoga - relaxed but disciplined and I love the extra care Claudia takes with each of us. I'm telling everyone I know to try a class."



"Claudia is aware of your abilities, helps you to improve and brings you into a space of calm at the same time. She is very innovative with her practices."


Zoom & Studio

"In over 30 years of doing yoga, Claudia is without doubt the best teacher I have ever known. With her, my practice has developed enormously. Even though I am no yogi, I now feel confident trying things out and Claudia always gives alternatives for everyone no matter what their ability. I love her range of classes and her approach - which is the right balance of fun, spirituality and down-to earth, clear instructions."



"Claudia is an amazing yoga teacher and her classes are always the perfect blend of challenging poses, breathing, relaxing and fun. The small, intimate group setting makes it a much more personal experience than going to a regular studio class. She offers a wide variety of classes so there will always be a class to suit everyone. I also love her workshops, particularly the one on Chakras where I learnt so much that I can bring to my yoga practice."



"My well-being, back pain and posture have improved so much since I started doing yoga with Claudia over Zoom. The morning classes are always varied and a great way to start the day, especially when working from home. And don't think you can get away with not doing plabks, her eagle eyes keep you on your toes!"


Zoom & Studio

Claudia's classes are so much more than yoga. She teaches us about nature, mindfulness, breathing, meditation, diet - you name it - all to help us navigate our way through the stresses of modern living. You come away feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. I particulalry enjoy her classes that focus on strengthening and my aim is to achive super-strong abs."