My Classes

I am passionate about teaching yoga and being part of a community of people who are open to learning and growing together. My classes are fun - sometimes challenging - without taking things too seriously. I strongly believe in empowering my students so that they can practice independently and make little changes that make them feel better in themselves. I observe my students and try to offer suggestions that meet them where they are so that they walk away feeling they have learned something that is useful to them.

My Story

I found yoga in 2011. I was in bad shape - physically and mentally with unhealthy eating and drinking habits that had left me overweight and unfit, I had bad skin and a raging addiction to sugar, and alcohol. I was depressed and was constantly frowning. I had no purpose and no sense of belonging.

At the start, I used yoga as a means of escape and to lose weight. I'm an 'all or nothing' person and threw myself wholeheartedly into the practice. The progress was slow but the more I practiced the better I felt. I really began to experience the magic of yoga and felt called to share this with others.

In 2013 I set up my yoga teaching practice and found my purpose, my passion, my Ikigai…

It didn’t stop there. I soon began to address other aspects of my life such as my mood swings, my drinking, my self-destructive behaviour, the after-dinner ice cream with eggnog (WTF was that about?!) and my eating habits in general. It took me years and years and lots of small changes to improve my health but improve it did! I am in awe of how much wisdom there is out there to help us lead healthier lives and I am constantly evolving, adapting and tweaking what I have learnt and I share these discoveries with others in a fun, light and informative way.

I have learnt that a healthy life goes beyond healthy eating and a physical practice. Connection, compassion, purpose, authenticity, gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness and self-love are all part of the equation.

I became sober in December 2018 after struggling for many years with a dependence on alcohol which had negatively impacted my relationships and my wellbeing. Ditching alcohol was the best thing I did. I am always happy to share frankly and honestly my journey and to listen to yours without judgement or preaching.

As you can see, my journey has not been an easy one, but I am happy to say that through the practice of yoga and all the discoveries I have made along the way, I am now someone who loves and respects herself, is self-confident and has boundaries. When I feel overwhelmed or sad, I accept it and sit with it. I still get angry sometimes but I’m ok with that. I am reliable, I can laugh about myself. 

I am here to serve others and the planet. Becoming a green activist in 2022 is just the next step on my path, and I am excited to get active with my Growing Green organisation.

All of this took many years and I look forward to the years ahead where I can keep learning, growing and sharing my passion for yoga and for life with you all. I am excited about the future and it all started with that first yoga practice!